Talking to the Boys vs Talking to the Babes

You know that girl who always gets invited to all the "boys nights"? That girl, that is always hanging with the boys and they even call her "bro"? You know that girl that the guys always say "is one of the boys"? Yeah, that's me. 

I'm not your typical "Tomboy". Not in my eyes anyway. I have a lot of girlfriends and the majority of them are what some may call "girly". I like to dress up and hang with the girls and sometimes I just like to kick it and chill the with the boys. I just have two sides to my personality. I'm quite adaptable. Maybe it's because I grew up with four brothers and all of my cousins are also male. I feel hanging out with either sex, I am able to be both a "tomboy" and also be "girly".  

The way I act and talk around the guys verse the way I am with the girls are polar opposites. It's quite funny actually. I thought I would write about how I would say things to one of my boys verse how I would say it to one of my girls. 

What I'm thinking; You deserve better than him/her

What I say to a guy friend; Fark that bitch off. She's crazy.

What I say to a girl friend; Honey, it's only natural that you feel that way. I'd feel exactly the same if I had a guy treating me like that. How are you feeling about it all? What do you think you should do?

What I'm thinking; I'm hanging out with this guy I'm starting to like

What I say to a guy friend; Yeah, he's cool. (raise eyebrows cheekily)

What I say to a girl friend; I think I'm starting to fall for him. It's freaking me out. I'm feeling all sorts of weird. I'm kind of scared. He's giving me butterflies and I haven't felt like this in ages. Eek!

What I'm thinking; That outfit looks terrible.

What I say to a guy friend; Damn bro, WTF are you wearing? 

What I say to a girl friend; Babe, what about that other outfit? It looks amazing on you. You should try that on!

What I'm thinking; When I see an attractive guy or girl

What I say to a guy friend; If it's a hot guy - Damn he fine. I could do all types of naughty to him! If it's a hot girl - I'd turn lesbian for her, she's smoking.

What I say to a girl friend; If it's a hot guy - Oh my god, oh my god, don't look yet but nine o'clock! If it's a hot girl - Wow look at that red dress she is wearing. She's strutting it. That woman looks amazing and I would be strutting it too if I looked like her. 

What I'm thinking; What you just did was so not cool.

What I say to a guy friend; You serious bro? That ain't cool. No wonder you ain't getting any. Learn how to treat a lady. Grow some balls and maybe you'd get laid.

What I say to a girl friend; That kind of hurt my feelings babe. It reminded me of this other time I felt like that. I know it wasn't intentional but can you just keep that in mind?

There are plenty more examples I could give but I'm sure that you get my drift. I have nothing against how women or how men are. It's a known fact that the opposite sex just communicate differently. I love that I can just be blunt with the boys yet I also love how I can talk feelings with the girls. 

I do feel that if more men understood that most women just want someone to listen to their feelings, make them feel supported like he has her back and if more women understood that some guys just don't get that deep and don't mean to say things in a bad way, they're just being cheeky, the world would be a better place. I think relationships would function better and both sexes would feel that the other just "gets them".  

What do you all think?