Travel Caused Me To Not Care What People Think

There was a time when I used to want everyone to like me. This stemmed from feeling neglected as a teenager. I took it to heart if someone had a problem with me. I also couldn't walk out of the house without at least wearing eyeliner and mascara. I wanted to feel accepted by everyone that crossed my path. I must tell you, this was quite draining and deep down, it didn't make me happy.

Travel. If you haven't done it or much of it, I recommend you do it. If you speak to anyone that loves to travel, I guarantee they will tell you that it shifts something inside you. You somehow see people and the world differently and when you return home, everything is the same but your perspective is so much different. 

When you travel, you really don't want to spend hours getting ready. That is wasted time that could be spent exploring an island, forest, village or historical place. Especially if you only have limited time in a certain country. Now when you're travelling, there are times that call you to be spontaneous. Like when your walking through a village and a local suggests you go check out some place nearby. Let's say this place was a hidden beach. Do you really want mascara running down your face like a drag queen cos you decided to swim in the crystal blue sea? Or worse, not experience swimming in the gorgeous beach cos you're scared to ruin your make up?

Seriously though, who cares if you have messy hair or aren't dressed to the nines. Are you going to see these people again? Most likely not. Plus wearing heels and cute dresses is really not comfortable if you want to go zip lining, hiking, bungee jumping, ride a buggy, rock climb, you get what I mean. I find when I am in a new city or town, I am more interested in that gorgeous waterfall, that busker playing incredible music, the crisp breeze running through my hair as I look around me and see the greenest, lushest mountains. I really don't even have time to think if I look good. Cos damn, the things around me look and feel so good. 

When hitting the town, checking out the night life or exploring nature, I am constantly meeting new people, making bffs and tagging along with strangers I just met to check out a place I really wanted to go to but had no idea how to get to. This means, if they do or say anything that makes me feel the slightest uncomfortable or disrespected, I damn sure will let them know that kind of attitude is not on around me. Why? Cos I don't know anyone and I have to look out for myself. This is especially true when I'm travelling alone. Who's going to have my back? No one. Just me. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a bad ass getting around with a dirty attitude. I wouldn't make any friends if this was the case! I respectfully and calmly let them know how I feel about something.

Funnily enough, I earn a lot more respect this way and people seem to like me more as I am straight forward and honest. Now I wish I knew this back in the day when I always wanted to please everyone and even agreed to things that I really didn't want to do!

When you're overseas, you will meet a crazy amount of people. Not all of these people will like you or get along with you. You most likely won't like everyone you meet either. Does it matter? No. Why? Cos I'm here to have a good time and that kind of energy is not what I want to be around so I will be on my way now. Have a nice day while I go live my life in peace.

These days, I rock it out quite a bit fresh faced, no make up. Hell, I even post selfies with no make up! (Gasp) I get dressed up sometimes but only when the occasion calls for it. Even in my dating life, I have been known to show my face without make up. Why would I do this? Well, if a guy doesn't find me attractive without make up, why on earth would I want to be in a relationship with him where he has to see my face in the morning?  Also because some guys (key word here is SOME) can be shallow and if they think you're hot, that's what they're chasing. Well thank you but I would much rather have a guy chase me cos we laugh together, have fun together and he likes me for the person I am inside. The attraction is just a bonus. 

I also say what I think and mean what I say. My friends would tell you that this is one of the reasons they love me. What you see is what you get, no BS. Of course, I say certain things with tact and diplomacy. There is nothing worse than foot in mouth disease. 

I do what I want, when I want, how I want and as long as I am not hurting any one around me, I don't see how I could be any other way. If someone doesn't like me, good for you. That's your loss cos I am actually pretty awesome. I am certainly not everyone's cup of tea but hey, the world is massive and if we don't like each other, let's kindly move on and live our lives without each other. Problem solved! I will tell you, living with this mindset has given me the best feeling of freedom. Who knew not giving a fark would make me so happy?

I wonder what traits other people picked up from travel?