The Number One Reason I am Addicted to Travel

It's funny, every time I find myself in another country, especially on my own, a lot of people ask me what I am running away from. They wonder why on earth I would jump on a plane and head overseas by myself. 

The thing is, do I really need to be running away from anything? Is the glass full or half empty? What if we looked at it from another perspective and asked what it is I am running towards?


The good old "travel bug", once bitten, it's hard to shake. Most people can't shake it off. I am definitely one of them. Now don't get me wrong, there are so many more countries I have yet to see and there are so many more moments I have yet to experience. I believe that life is meant for living and I intend to live it to the best of my abilities. I want a life I can look back on and smile. I want to feel like it was worth the ride.

I had been to a couple of countries before I actually caught the travel bug. I went to the Philippines to meet my father, spent a month in New Zealand for work and also flew to Brunei with my mother. I think my real experience of catching the travel bug was when I spent a couple of months in Thailand. This was the start of a whole other chapter in my life. I didn't know it then but buying that one way ticket has forever changed me.

We sometimes get so caught up in our own little bubble. We get so caught up in the lives we live in, that sometimes we forget to take a second to look at what is around us. I'm definitely a culprit. I get carried away with trying to do my best at work, keeping up with my fitness and get caught up in trivial things whether it be career, dating, relationship or even family issues. 

We get so consumed in the world we live in and sometimes when something doesn't go our way, we get so caught up in the fact we didn't get what we want that we then put all of our thoughts and energy into those emotions. It's not really a great feeling and it definitely doesn't do us any favours.

Travel grounds me. It brings me back down to earth. Travel pops that bubble I get stuck in and helps me open my eyes to the fact that there is a big, wide world out there. There are billions of other people going through their own problems, their own issues and their own paths. 

When I see other people living a much less fortunate situation than I am, I realise just how blessed I really am. I am lucky enough to eat, have my family and friends and a roof over my head. I am blessed in so many ways that sometimes it can be taken for granted. Travel helps me to realise that my "problems" are nothing compared to what others are going through.

When I travel, I love to meet the locals and get to know their way of living. If I meet people that live a life that I could only dream of, I become curious. I want to know about their journey and how they got there. I then realise that they were just once like me, someone with a dream. The difference was that they made the consistent effort to achieve what they have now. Travel inspires me. It motivates me knowing that life really is what you make it, no matter the hand you were dealt. 

The itch for travel kicks in even more whenever I feel I am getting complacent. It creeps up when my thoughts are clouded with trivial, silly issues. I am addicted to travel because I like to be grounded. I like to keep it real and I like to be able to step out of myself and my thoughts for a while, just so that I can come back with a clear mind. 

It helps me realise all of the things I do have and all of the things I could have. I am addicted to travel because I am addicted to learning more about others, how people live and think and I am addicted to always striving to become a better me. 

Travel is the one thing that makes me appreciate my life, my world and the good and bad that comes with it.