Stop Aiming For 10's - You're Shooting too High

Someone once told me this. They told me that I should stop aiming for 10’s and shoot for the 6-7’s. When I first decided to launch a YouTube channel, write blogs and become an Influencer on Instagram, this same person questioned my ideas and asked, “Don’t you think you’re being a little too ambitious?”

Thankfully enough, I never did listen to them. Ok, maybe that’s a white lie. To be honest, there was a fleeting moment where I considered them to be right. What if I fail? What if no one cares to listen to what I have to say? What if I make a complete fool of myself? Who am I kidding? I’m no one special. I’m just an ordinary girl in a big wide world. What makes me think I could actually make something of this?


Fast forward a few years, I’ve been paid to post on Instagram, am lucky enough to get free stuff sent to me because of my social reach, been blessed enough to be published on some of the world’s largest motivational sites and even had a 2 page write up in my favourite fitness magazine. I’m not quite yet where I want to be but if I look back, I remember the days I dreamed of being where I am now.

I am privileged enough to be in a position where I can reach thousands of people around the world and help inspire and motivate others that are in mindsets that I used to once be stuck in. I am living in a purpose bigger than myself. And damn does it feel rewarding.

I will say, when I first started in the online world, a lot of people around me doubted me. They thought I was crazy to think I could even achieve something as outrageous as making something of myself online; especially based on things I was passionate in. It wasn’t until I was able to let go of my full time job, did people start taking me seriously. Now all of a sudden, I was the expert and the same people that doubted me were now asking me for advice. Isn’t it ironic?


One thing I have come to realise is, the people that support and encourage you to chase your dreams are the people that also have their own goals and dreams. They’re the people that believe in themselves and also understand that when you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

The people that mock you, doubt what you can achieve or question your motives are the people that have a hard time realising their own worth and their own potential. The dreamers, the doers and the thinkers will always encourage others, for they too know how hard it can be when you are climbing your own ladder to success. When someone tells you it’s impossible, what they are really saying is that it is impossible to them. Don’t let it be the be all and end all.

If you take a look at every successful person on this planet, you will come to learn that they too had naysayers, doubters, haters and people that rejected them. A lot of the truly influential people in this world didn’t always have it easy. They experienced struggle, rejection and failures yet still kept going. As Oprah Winfrey once said, “ Turn your wounds into wisdom.”


I absolutely love this quote. How true is it? And in all honesty, what’s so bad about landing with the stars? We get so caught up in routine, our daily habits and with what makes us comfortable. As nice as comfort may feel, how are we expected to grow and evolve if we always stay comfortable? If we stay where it is comfortable, doesn’t that in a way say we are settling?

Take a moment and look back at the shitty experiences you have had. The moments where you thought you would give up. The moments you thought would break you. Looking back now, what did you learn from it? How did it shape you to who you are now? Let that sink in.

So I challenge you to think about what it is you would like to do. Is there anything you would like to achieve or experience? Then ask yourself what you are doing to reach those goals. I am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction and the power of the mind but I also firmly believe that as well as having your mindset right, inspired action must also be taken. If you just sit there wishing for things and expect everything to fall into your lap without lifting a finger, you may find yourself waiting a very long time.


“But that person had rich parents”, “They were born with natural talent”, “They are good looking so everything gets handed to them”'. Have you ever heard yourself or found someone else saying this about others that had achieved some type of success? I personally believe that these are just excuses. I know plenty of people with rich parents, good looks or had natural talent and went the other way.

It doesn’t matter whether you were disadvantaged or privileged in life, the one thing that makes someone successful is their mindset and the action that they take towards their goals. Unless you are living in war or poverty, (if that was the case, I don’t think you would be reading something online right now) we all start on the same playing field. We are all equal and we are all the same. The only difference in our future paths is what we decided to do with what we have now.

So I say f*ck not aiming for 10s, why can’t I have a 10? Who says I don’t deserve a 10? Same goes to you, why would you want to settle for less than you deserve? We all deserve the best. We get this life once. If you want to shoot for the moon, why not go for it? Cos seriously, even if you don’t quite get there, what’s wrong with landing among the stars?

*** Disclaimer***

Currently, I am working full time in the best job I have ever had working for anyone. This has allowed me to focus more on my passions and helping others online rather than doing things for money. This is another story for another time.