Bored with Your Eggs?

Ever run out of breakfast ideas? Do you sometimes feel eggs can be boring? I have had some requests for some simple food ideas where you don't have to worry about the scale. Please note that I am not a nutritionist and these recipes are simply what I myself have for breakfast. I don't measure my ingredients as I cook by taste but I will try my best to give you a fair idea of how much or little I use.

I love to eat clean but I also love food with flavour. I don't have a specific diet or calorie intake/restriction, I simply choose to eat healthier options 80% of the time. As I am an Australian raised Filipina with a Spanish and Chinese background, I do love variety when it comes to food. Below I have shared different ways I make my scrambled eggs.  I use the same main ingredients and switch between a couple of extra ingredients to give it a completely different flavour. This way I never get bored with my food. 

The Main Ingredients

2 eggs per person (If you want a larger meal, I will only use egg whites for the extra eggs.)

Spinach, tomato, mushrooms, shallots, capsicum, literally any kind of vegetable I feel will work. Sometimes I throw in peas and corn if my fridge is scarce.

Sauté the vegetables using coconut oil and a teaspoon of garlic. Sprinkle Mixed herbs (not too much, just a pinch)

Beat the eggs and add a pinch of smoked paprika in the egg mixture.

Add the beaten eggs to the vegetables and sprinkle on some cracked pepper to taste. 

Now for the variations -

Mexican twist; add a couple of tablespoons of refried beans and sprinkle a pinch of turmeric. 

Asian twist; add a teaspoon of soy sauce to the vegetables before you add the eggs. 

Aussie twist; Sauté chopped bacon with vegetables. Sprinkle with a hint of pink Himalayan salt to taste. Sometimes I might add some feta or parmesan to taste.

Seafood twist; Add chopped smoked salmon at the very end as to not overcook. Sometimes I add fresh smoked Salmon on the side.

It's amazing what a few different key ingredients can do to change the flavour. I also alternate between serving the eggs on rye bread, brown rice/quinoa or on it's own when I want to cut back on carbs.