Ask and You Shall Receive - But what happens when you do get it and you don't know what to do with it?

I must admit that in the last month I have become obsessive. Obsessive to the point that all think about is the goals I want to achieve and where I see myself. I have written my goals and placed them in places I see every day. I have fallen asleep to guided meditation envisioning the world that is awaiting me. 

The "Law of Attraction" has been mentioned in quite a few of my blogs and lately everything seems to be heightened. I have found myself manifesting things I want and even things I don't want. I have found myself daydreaming every single day, feeling the flow of the universe working it's magic. They say to "Ask and you shall receive" but what happens when all of our requests come at once? What do we do when we don't know what to do with it all?

In the last month, I have experienced literally everything I have asked for. Everything I wanted has somehow fallen into my lap or slapped me in the face. It has gotten to the point that whether good or bad, all of my thoughts are coming into fruition. I'm at a place where I am a little weary of my thoughts because good or bad, they are coming to life.

Every one I think about seems to randomly pop back into my life, whether I bump into them or they send me a message out of the blue. In my last blog, I spoke of manifesting my bank cards getting compromised. I also manifested an injury I am still recovering from. It's kind of funny as my last blog was titled "Be careful what you wish for".


Just last week, I was feeling overwhelmed as I had my hands tied with so many different projects. The flow I had been on just wasn't there. I felt like I was juggling several balls with only one hand. I was flustered, anxious and felt out of control. Time was flying past and yet I felt like I was doing a million things at once and getting nowhere.

I asked the universe to slow my busy schedule down. I wanted to be able to rest more. I also wanted more time to focus on my new business venture. I wanted more time on my own. A couple of days later, I experienced my first gym injury. I am currently training for a bodybuilding competition and this injury has put me out of being able to train for a little while.

In saying this, I have now got what I asked for. I no longer have to be up at 4am. I am now able to sleep in and rest. I also now have time to be at home working on my online business. In a roundabout way, the universe answered my wishes. 


Not long ago, I was frustrated that I had no one to turn to when it came to advice about the digital world. There was no one in my immediate network that had a clue about blogging, you tubing or making money online. 

Up until that moment, I had stumbled upon everything I had accomplished and had taught myself everything I knew. I wanted a mentor. I wanted someone I could ask for help when I was stuck. I wanted to be able to know someone that was already living the "freedom lifestyle" and travelling full time. Someone I could learn from without having to pay for their expertise.

I also soon realised that if I wanted to continue blogging and reach my goal of being able to quit the 9-5, I needed to find ways to fund myself. I had no idea how bloggers made money. I had no idea how I would be able to bring in an income equal to or higher than my 9-5. I asked the universe for opportunities to allow me to earn money online.

Let's just say that right now I have more than one mentor. I have somehow found myself surrounded by several entrepreneurs that motivate and inspire me. Currently, I have my hands in multiple projects that has set me up for multiple streams of residual and even passive income. I am at the place where I have been offered several different opportunities that I am a little overwhelmed as to which way to go and how best to execute. This isn't a bad problem to have!


My recent whirlwind has taught me quite a few things. First of all, to be patient. Yes there are goals I want to accomplish but it is near impossible to knock them all off the list at once. I have learnt it is best to know the end result, believe you can have the end result and set smaller goals that will help lead to your goals.

I have also learnt that for the Law of Attraction to work in our favour, we must be clear about what we want and to be specific even in the minor details. It's funny how the universe can deliver what we want but if we aren't specific, it can come to us in a roundabout way (my sports injury).

The most important thing I have learnt is that once the Law of Attraction is working for us, we need to take a moment to thank the universe and be grateful for receiving. If the universe delivers and we are ungrateful, the flow of abundance is then blocked and we stop receiving the goodness we deserve. 


So they say to ask and you shall receive but we also have to be mindful with what we do with it once we have it. The world works in such mysterious ways but I must say, I sure am having a ball learning about it. What we focus on grows and we must be mindful of the thoughts in our minds. As soon as that voice of fear and doubt creeps in, we need to slap it away because it is that voice that will stop the flow of goodness. It's the voice that will stop the magic of receiving.

Does anyone else have Law of Attraction stories they would like to share? I would love to hear from you!