How To Launch Your E-Commerce Store In 24 Hours

If you are reading this, you are most likely wondering how you can start your own online store. I honestly thought it would be such a headache getting one up and running. To my surprise, little old me who doesn't know a thing when it comes to coding, web development or anything technical, had my store up in an hour... maybe two max and you can too!

I'm about to give you a step by step easy to follow guide on how to get your online store running in less than a day. The best thing is, it involves minimal risk and is absolutely free! 

Furthermore, if you are use the hyperlinks in this article (yes, they are affiliate links, it costs you the same amount as if you went direct to them and ensures I get paid for my work) as a massive thank you, I will introduce you to my mentors that can show you the path to success in the online world. Forgot to sign up? That's cool, you can click here.


The first thing you need to do is to think of a domain name and then register your store with an e-commerce host. I use Shopify, I love this platform as it works seamlessly with the Facebook store and multiple other platforms that coincide with your drop shipping business. You can sell your own products as well as the products you will drop ship. Sign up for a free 14 day trial here


One of the greatest things about a hosted e-commerce platform is that they offer a wide selection of eye catching themes that you can customize. This takes the headaches away especially if you have no experience in web development like myself. It also allows for a quicker, cleaner process. 


Now it's time to create the content on your site. You will need to complete the standard pages such as About Us and Delivery Information. You can use this link here for assistance with templates.  Using Shopify's free tool you can create Terms and Conditions, Standard Privacy and Returns Policy.


In your store settings, you can finalize your set up by adding your shipping rates, billing information and payment provider. If you are using Shopify, they provide you with a payment gateway and you can also link your Paypal. 


There are numerous dropshipping providers to choose from. My top 2 picks are Aliexpress and Amazon. Personally, I chose to go with Aliexpress as it is super easy to navigate for first timers. You can copy your chosen products, use the photos on their site, choose your mark up and when your customer orders from you, just log into Aliexpress and order the product so it is shipped directly to your customer. I suggest you do some research and find a company that aligns with you. 


Every dropshipper's must have is an app called Oberlo. A dropshipping solution for those that use Shopify and Aliexpress. Oberlo simplifies the process and allows you to import products directly from Aliexpress onto your Shopify site. It covers shipment tracking, order fulfillment and really is an easy to use platform. Oberlo only works with Shopify and Aliexpress. Click here to download it for free.

After you have downloaded the app, start choosing your products from Aliexpress and import them onto your store with just one click. Ensure you only select products that have the highest ratings, customize the product descriptions, choose your images, tweak the information so it isn't exactly the same as the Aliexpress site and import at least 40 products onto your store. When you receive your first order, go to Oberlo's order page, confirm the order and have it shipped directly to your customer.


Now that you have your store ready, it's time to market it. With the power of social media, we now have the ability to reach a wider audience. Experiment with various marketing channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or Twitter. You can even boost your post if you have a Facebook page and advertise it on your Instagram "My story" feature. If paid advertising is an avenue you want to explore, set up a Google Ad Words account and pay per click on your ad.

Once you have made your first sale and discovered what works best for you, be consistent, multiply it and the rewards will be there. The biggest step is getting started. You just never know, this could be an avenue with many rewards, just waiting for you to explore.