I'll Do It When I'm Ready; but will you ever really be ready?

Sitting at my desk staring at the computer, I looked up at the clock and saw only a minute had gone by. My heart just wasn't in it anymore. I had several other projects I was working on outside of my office job and I would much rather be working on those.

The less time I spent on my projects, the less results I was producing towards my goal of a freedom lifestyle. I hated talking to people convincing them to purchase products I didn't have a care for. Was this working towards my future self?


I just had to tough it out and push through so I could get enough finances up in order for me to leave. A voice in my head popped up and said, "But how long have you been pushing through and are your finances really adding up?" I was comfortable. My income was enough to support my gorgeous apartment and my not so cheap lifestyle. But was I really getting any closer to my goals?

The more I thought about it, the more I realised that the longer I continued doing what I was doing, the deeper into my comfort zone I would get. I would get sucked in and then stuck in a world I was accustomed to. The funny thing was that my "comfort zone" wasn't so comfortable any more. It was sucking the life out of me. I was passionate about other things yet I was taking action in a job I had no passion for. 


If I was to quit now, how would I finance myself? I have a lot of expenses coming up and my 30th birthday overseas. I really can't afford to quit just yet. I sat at my desk a little longer and then another voice popped into my head. "You of all people know that when you are doing things that feed your soul, the universe will help you along the way. You've been saying that you will do it when you are ready but will you ever really be ready?"

"If tomorrow never comes, is this how I would want to spend my last day on earth? Sitting in an office working a job I had no passion for? Hell no." That was that. It was that very moment I decided to resign. I had no idea how I would make it work but I knew darn well that I had been in a lot worse situations and always found a way to make it work.


Quitting my job and walking away from my safety net has just fueled my burning desire to live a freedom lifestyle. It has kicked my butt into gear to get shit done and make things happen. I have no idea what the future holds but what I do know for sure is that building my empire is something I am truly passionate about and because of that it feeds my soul. It doesn't feel like work, not even a little bit. 

I broke my lease, started to downgrade my life and let go of possessions that I really don't need. I know in my heart that I will make this work. You know why? For me, there is no other option. I cannot stand to waste my talents and time on someone else's dream. I want to create my own dream. I want to live the life I deserve and because of that, no matter what happens, I am satisfied in knowing that I am giving it a shot. I will give it all I have got and I will work towards my dreams.

If you are toying with a decision on whether to quit your job, start your new business idea or even commit to a relationship, whatever your crossroad may be, before you tell yourself that you will do it when you're ready, ask yourself, will you ever really be ready?