The Dilemmas of Modern Dating; A Female's Perspective

First of all, let me state that this blog is completely coming from my own perspective and based solely on my opinion on dating. I am not speaking on behalf of the female race but I sure as hell know there would be quite a few that would agree with me.

I can't even count the number of times my friends have told me off for being "too picky". He's either too nice, too cocky, too sleazy, too awkward or even just plain boring. I've dated enough guys to know what's good and what's not for me. I know what I want and to be honest, what I feel is right for me isn't too much of an ask. 

There isn't some crazy hard to reach checklist I have nor is there some delusional notion of some "perfect guy" that we all know doesn't exist. Why then, does it seem almost impossible to meet someone that adds value to your life and makes you feel good? I am not looking for someone to save me. My life is pretty darn good that I am actually afraid to let the wrong person in and mess up the good stuff I have going on. 

In the modern world with social media and dating apps, people are so easily accessible and even disposable, that old fashion courtship seems to have almost diminished. I'm sure there are males out there that can also construct a list of painfully annoying things women do but for the sake of this blog, here's some things that absolutely drive me up the wall when it comes to dating. 


With Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Eharmony and the abundance of dating sites we now have available, it's so easy to lose track of who you are even speaking to let alone remember what you had previously discussed. Especially when there are about umpteen other conversations you are trying to maintain. 

I get it guys, there are several other women you are speaking to and all we are is just some photo on some dating site but honestly, behind these photos lie real people. Yes, you heard right. Women with emotions, feelings and personalities. The one word openings just don't really cut it. Are we not worth more than a "Hi"? You probably copied and pasted that "Hi" to a million other women but do you really think that one word makes you stand out from all the million other messages we are receiving?

Also those dick pics. Seriously? Come on guys, the size of your junk does not determine whether or not you even know how to use that thing. If you feel sending an unwarranted pic of your dick is what will get you attention, your'e right. Don't be suprised if we screen shot and send this to all of our friends. Trust me, we aren't gushing about how nice it looks either.


It has got to be over a thousand times I have seen a guy come hit on me and when I turn around he is also hitting on the next girl. Yea we get it, you're playing the numbers game but seriously, do you think we are that stupid? Looking in as an outsider though, it is kind of funny how guys tend to dunk their bait in several places and see which ones they can reel in. 

What about those times when out with your girlfriends and then some guy comes and gropes your butt? Is that the modern way of saying hello these days? I don't even get it. What happened to catching a girl's eye from across the room, some subtle flirting signals and striking a real conversation with us? 

Oh, you want to buy us a drink and several more? We know exactly what you are up to and if you want to shout us all night go for it. Luckily for me, I can hold my liquor and no you will not be taking me home tonight. I would much rather wake up to my apartment than have to wake up with regret and that dreaded walk of shame. 


So call me picky if you please but I still stand strong in holding out for the right guy for me. I know who I am as a person and what I can offer to the right guy. When I meet someone that shows me respect, isn't trying to booty call me and actually wants to take the time to get to know me, he would see just what an amazing person I truly am. 

It's not like I don't like sex, in fact, once I feel safe enough to open up to someone, I am quite affectionate and extremely passionate. I just don't feel the need to give it up to every passer by that has no intentions of spending more than the night with me. 

Being single is freaking great. I love the fact that I can do what I want, when I want, how I want. I love that there is no one else to account for and it's our time to be selfish and focus on our own goals and needs. I also love how it seems to be so much more peaceful being single. In saying this, I have obviously not met the right guy as the right guy wouldn't add stress, he would add value.

So when it comes to dating, can you really blame me for being over it all? Can you blame me for not wanting to just settle? When the right guy for me comes along, I will know. He won't be like the others, he will treat me with respect and he will love me for the person that I am. There will be no games and it will just flow. We will be able to inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves and together we will rock the world. 

I know what I have to offer and I am not willing to give it up to someone that doesn't truly deserve it. I've finally come to realise just how amazing I am and I don't want to settle for anything less than I deserve. Too many people settle because they are lonely, too many people jump into relationships quickly and then find out they are with the wrong person. I'm happy to take it slow and I am happy to hold out and wait for him, so should you. You deserve it.