Exploring Bali - Things to do in Seminyak Bali, Indonesia

My trip to Bali was planned well in advance. I wanted to have travelled to 20 countries before I turned 30 so why not celebrate my dirty thirty in Bali, Indonesia? There were 9 of us and as expected, it was an adventurous and amazing time well spent.

This blog is going to cover the things to do and the places to see in Seminyak that we had experienced and I highly recommend.  I will post a few blogs as one isn't enough to cover off all of the places we saw in Bali. We had the group meet up in Seminyak and then a few of us went to the island, Gilli T and the last of us stayed on to see Ubud. It is no surprise to me that I will be returning back to Bali to live and work as a digital nomad. Bali has really stolen my heart and I cannot wait to go back there!


We stayed at the Ramada Encore in Seminyak. I was pleasantly suprised when I arrived the first evening because the photos on the website did it no justice. It was beautiful and had a gorgeous pool area. I was lucky enough to be upgraded to a room with a swim up pool. Being a bodybuilder, I was ecstatic that they had a gym. It had cardio machines, cables and free weights. Just enough for me to continue on with my training.  

If you are looking to party, Kuta is the place to go. Jalan Legian is the main strip and is filled with plenty of pubs, clubs and bars all serving daily specials, cheap drinks and loads of fun. I will warn you about drinking spirits in Bali though, most of the time you will receive the local brew and it doesn't sit well with a lot of people. If it's cheap, it's probably nasty so just be aware. When it comes to imported spirits, you will need to ask for it specifically and it will cost more. I found myself paying for drinks at the same price I would pay for at home. 

The top 3 must sees in Seminyak and Kuta that every tourist raves about are Potato Head, Mexicola and La Planche. Potato head is best to go to for sunset as it has a beautiful infinity pool next to the beach and the sunset makes a gorgeous backdrop. It is a classier venue and the cocktails are pricey especially for Indonesia. Even if you just stop there for a sunset drink and make your way, it's worth a visit. 

Mexicola is tons of fun and has an amazing atmosphere. A Mexican flair with great food and sangria, if you are looking for a night with loads of dancing and laughter, this is the place to be. When I first walked in, I felt like I was in a massive candy store from the sixties, the ambiance was spectacular and the menu is set at a reasonable price. 

La Planche is another great setting for sunset. They have colourful beanbags and umbrellas set up right on Seminyak Beach. We discovered this place walking along the beach, the music was pumping and really got you in a happy mood, we just had to stop and check it out. The staff were extremely friendly, food was great and the cocktails couldn't be flawed. 


If you are looking for a place where the menu is reasonable and the food is impeccable, I highly recommend Mya. It was hands down the best meal I had in Seminyak, I wasn't alone either, all of my friends agreed and we all shared each other's dishes so we could all have a bite of each meal.

There was 6 of us that ate and drank there, some of which had plenty of cocktails and we all had ordered appetizers as well as mains. The bill was just over $100 AUD which was quite surprising as a few of my friends had at least four cocktails with their dinner! 

Seminyak has an abundance of places to eat suited for every budget. Whether you want to spend a couple of dollars or splurge a little and spend the same as you would back home, so you can get a five star meal, it's totally your choice, the options are endless. 


You can hire a driver for about $50-$60 per day. This can be done through your hotel or through pretty much any driver you meet out and about. (Which you will find is not lacking in Bali, if you want some personal recommendations of trusted drivers, send me an email and I can give you their contact details). We hired 2 cars as there were 9 of us and spent a day exploring. We went to see Padang Padang beach to soak up some sun and then went and had lunch in little huts on the way to see Uluwatu Temple.  

Uluwatu Temple is one of six key temples believed to be Bali's spiritual pillars. The temple is located on a cliff overlooking the ocean and a forest surrounds it which is renowned for the many monkeys in the forest. The monkeys are known to be thieves so be careful with your belongings. We saw a monkey grab a thong/flip flop off a woman and start eating away at it. At sunset, there is a Kecak and fire dance so if you are there around the right time, be sure to check this out.  

A few of us even hired scooters and checked out other sites that weren't too far away, another temple to see is Tanah Lot , there are quite a lot of tourists there though so if busy attractions aren't your thing, I would even steer clear. Scooters are hired for a low $7 a day, great way to get around and enables you to miss all the traffic!

There is also the Bali Safari which you can also check out at night. You can sit in a 4wd bus and see the animals in action. We were lucky enough to feed the elephants and that was a highlight in my trip. 


One place we did scope out was the Rock Bar which is located within the Ayana Resort and Spa. I will give you a heads up, this place is not at all cheap. The menu is a reasonable price for western standards but quite expensive compared to other places in Bali. It is Balinese luxury dining at it's best. The bar is nestled on some rock formations 14 metres above the Indian Ocean and runs along the shore line for hundreds of metres. It can fit up to 880 guests and is the perfect spot for some marvelous sunset cocktails. 

Rock bar serves Mediterranean Tapas and the dress code is smart attire. My brother had to buy a collared shirt so he could enter. However, it is by far one of the nicest bars I have ever walked into. The ocean waves roll up as the sunset colours the sky pink and purple. There is a deck filled with international DJs and the ambiance is impeccable. If you do get a chance, go see this place for at least one sunset. You won't regret it.


There are so many things to do and places to see in Bali, it is impossible to name them all. This blog is just a quick reference and guide as to where to go if you are ever in Seminyak. I hope you find this helpful and I wish you all the best on your trip to Bali! 


Note; If you would like to check out my youtube series on Bali, it may give you a better idea of the places I am recommending!