The Light Healer Who Brought Back My Suppressed Memories

To be honest, I am quite spiritual and believe that there is a higher being out there. What that is, I am not sure. I do however know that there are universal laws that more people should be aware of such as "The Law of attraction". I have seen psychics in the past, yet only one hit it on the nail and I did go back to see her a second time a year later, after the things she said in our first meeting came true.

I have seen a coupe of reiki healers and again, only one was life changing that I had to write a blog about it. (Refer to my previous post 'The Day I met the Reiki Master'). When it comes to light healers, I had not a clue what they did, but I have always been a curious soul. I am open to learning more and am open to new experiences, especially if it means a positive impact could take place. Little did I know that meeting this light healer, would turn my world upside down. This woman was about to change my life and everything I knew about it forever. 


Her name was Yulia. Her daughter Elana had flown up from Sydney to see me and we road tripped to Byron Bay as we both needed some good old nature and a relaxing weekend away. Elana got off the phone to her mother and looked at me, "Mum said she felt inclined to see you, she feels she needs to have a session with you." I didn't know anything about light healers and was feeling a little skeptical. Then a voice inside my head whispered, "What have you got to lose? Give it a go." So I agreed.

A week or so later, I connected and met with Yulia over Skype as she was in Sydney and I was in Brisbane. I had never had any type of healing session online and was still feeling skeptical that anything could actually happen, especially over technology. We spoke for a bit and Yulia asked me to tell her what was going on with my life. "Keep talking honey, so I can pick up on your energy." I had no idea what to talk about so I just blabbed away.

Long story short, Yulia stopped me amidst my chatter and asked, "What happened when you were 7? You have experienced a lot of abuse from relationships and it all started then. What happened?" I had no clue what she was talking about and proceeded to tell her how I have spoken publicly about all of my ordeals that I had overcome and now continue to inspire others through my own journey.

She insisted that there was something I had blocked out and was hidden deeply. She said it was the root of the patterns of abuse I had experienced and the very reason my cycle of abuse from men started. I had no idea what she was talking about and the more she insisted, the more I felt frustrated. Yulia finally gave in and said, "Look, you aren't ready and it's hidden deeply. Let's just end this session with a healing session and some meditation."


The healing session was something I had never experienced. As I lay flat on the floor, I will admit, I found it a little startling at first. Yulia would start using chimes, bells, sing like an angel and all sorts. She started a chant and was speaking a sound (when I say sound, it was more of a foreign alien language) I had never heard of. As weird as the sounds were, for some reason, deep down it felt familiar, like I had heard it before even though I was sure I hadn't. Not in this lifetime anyway. 

A few days later, I was sitting on my balcony drinking my pre workout before hitting the gym and all of a sudden a wave of memories came flashing through my mind. I shook my head in disbelief. Could this be real? I saw myself as the 7 year old me and felt all of the emotions I was feeling at that time. I was frozen. I felt paralyzed. I was startled and I wasn't quite sure how to feel. It had hit me. I was a victim of child abuse and it all started when I was seven. Reality hit me. I was molested as a child.

The next few weeks were extremely emotional. As I tried to get on with my life, more memories would flood in. I would be at the gym and I would get a flashback and feel the pain I was once in. I would be out for my morning run and break down into an anxiety attack as even more memories would rush in. Just as I thought I had remembered it all, I would be hit with yet another flashback. I thought I had dealt with all of my past issues as I had written about it through my blogging over the years. I was wrong. Yulia was right. I had indeed hidden something very deep.


As skeptical as I was when first meeting Yulia, I had come to realize that she was in fact the real deal. No other person could've known that something had happened to me when I was 7. How could they? I didn't even know! The next few months were an emotional roller coaster for me. Here I was writing things to inspire people all around the world when in fact I still had work needed for myself. 

I took a break from blogging and I decided to see Yulia a few more times. We worked through past issues with her regular healing sessions. I looked forward to the end of our sessions when she would chant. For some reason, I would be energized and glowing after each session. I always felt lighter, I always felt at peace. Even people would compliment me on my glow. Yulia would channel energy through me and clear out any negatives allowing me to radiate. It was always an amazing experience. 

I have now come to realise that this really needed to happen. Yulia felt inclined to reach out to me because I needed her service. Even if I didn't know it myself. I needed to heal one last piece of trauma in my past because of what I have been setting out to do. I have been building a brand for the last couple of years for the purpose of inspiring others that may too be stuck in unfortunate circumstances I was once in. But in order to give to others, we must first give to ourselves and I needed to heal all of my pain. Even the pain I didn't know was there. It had been repeating a pattern in my life that I was not aware of. 

Now I am back into the swing of things filled with even more purpose and determination. I now have writers from all over the world sharing their stories on my page and the wheels of synchronicity has been stronger than ever. I had been blocking my flow of abundance without knowing it and now I can feel that the channels have now opened like flood gates. The law of attraction has been working for me at such a rapid speed and manifesting what I want has come a lot easier. 

The funny thing about life is that it will give us what we need at the right time. Just cos you don't see what you want just yet, doesn't mean it isn't coming. Sometimes life will throw us curve balls, break us down a little, to shake us up and force us to grow. Have you ever thought that through our times of struggle, it's the universes way of forcing us to level up so that we can be ready to receive what we want? Don't lose faith and rise above the struggles because at the end of the day, without struggle, there is no strength. 

If you too would like to see Yulia, you can book her in person or over skype like I did. I highly recommend her. You can contact her below;

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