The Law Of Attraction; How To Reach Your Fitness Goals

The Law of Attraction, you may know of it, you may have heard of it or this could possibly be the first time you are hearing of it. The first time I came across "The Law Of Attraction" was when I found myself in a really dark place after a break up. (Refer to my previous blog; Thank You To My Ex). When we are rock bottom, we have two choices, we either give up or we use our pain and turn it into our motivation.

After months of feeling sorry for myself and spiraling down a hole of depression, I decided enough was enough and I started to search for answers. That is when spirituality found me. The more I learnt about the universal laws and the more I started putting them into practice, the higher my vibration was. All of a sudden my life went from being in a dark hole to me being able to reach places and experience things I could only imagine. My life was suddenly a door way to abundance.

I wanted to share this with you as I have used the law of attraction to lose 30 kilos. (One of the many goals I have achieved using this universal law). I want to share what I did and how I went about it so you too can put it into practice and also achieve your fitness goals. If you didn't already know, the law of attraction is achieving anything your mind believes. If you can think it, you can create it. Your thoughts become your reality. This applies both ways, good or bad, so we must first learn to be mindful of our thoughts. 


When you look in the mirror, what is the first thing you say about your body? Do you critique your body? Do you admire certain aspects of your physique? What kind of thoughts do you have when you are thinking of yourself? 

If you are pointing out the negatives; my thighs are too thick, I have so much cellulite, look at those love handles, I wish I had less body fat, if only I could drop down a few dress sizes; these are all negative thoughts. If these are the types of thoughts we are having about ourselves, we need to reassess and change the way we think of ourselves.


Now that you are aware of the negative thoughts, take a moment and start to find the things you do like. It may be hard at first but once you do find a few things you like, focus on that. Speak to yourself, (I know it may feel weird at first but after a few times it come naturally). When you are speaking of the things you do like, take a moment and really take it in. Feel it, feel the gratitude and appreciation you have for those specific traits.

When we switch our thoughts from focusing on the lack of; and start to focus on the things we already have and feel grateful for that; our moods change. We start to vibrate on a higher frequency and instead of feeling like we are lacking, we start to feel good about what we do have. When we feel good, our cortisol levels drop. High cortisol can be triggered by negative thinking or stress and can cause lack of sleep, fatigue and and weight gain. 


If you want the law of attraction to work for you, the first step is to be clear on what you want. Know the goals you want to reach. Maybe you want to lose a couple of dress sizes, maybe you want to build more muscle, maybe you just want to tone your body or even gain some weight. Whatever your goal is, be clear on them. 

Now imagine you have already achieved your goals. When you look in the mirror, pretend and daydream that you have the body that you want. Daydream like you did when you were a kid. Act it out if you like, pose in the mirror, admire yourself. Now take note of the feelings you have. Imagine feeling on top the world because you finally reached your goal. Take a moment and allow that feeling to overcome you. This is when the magic of manifestation begins.


This may take a while to get a hang of. You may even feel weird at first. I promise after a while you will eventually get used to it. The secret to the law of attraction is to "act as if". Pretend you already have your dream body. At first you may even think you are kidding yourself or even lying to yourself. Switch those thoughts off and just dare to believe. It will start to feel good.

Once you have got the hang off "acting as if". You need to think like you have reached your goals. When you are feeling lazy and not wanting to go exercise, take a moment and think how a fit person thinks. If you want it, you not only act it or believe it, you must learn to think it.

Think like a fit person. Think like a healthier you. "What would the strong/fitter/healthier version of me do?" Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger reached his fitness goals by allowing the unhealthy him to take over? We all have a battle of voices in our heads, it is up to us to choose which thoughts to entertain. 


These are the steps of the law of attraction and how to manifest whatever you want. To relate it back to your fitness goals, I have simplified what I just wrote into steps;

ASK - Know exactly what you want your fitness level or physique to be at and be clear on them. Set your intention.

BELIEVE - Imagine you already have your goals. Feel it. Breathe it live it. Pretend it is already there. Think like you already have your goals. Every workout, push yourself like a fit/strong person would. Train like you are already an athlete. Your body is a temple so eat to nourish your body.

RECEIVE - Once you put these steps into your daily routine, regardless of where you are in your journey, be consistent. Daydream, imagine, pretend and act as if you already have it. You will be suprised but eventually you will bump into the realization that you have finally received your goals. 


Current Thought: I can't eat that. It's bad for me. (If you focus on what you don't have or can't have, you will want it more)

Think This Instead: I love eating food that is filled with nutrients, nourishes me and makes me feel good. (You will start to notice how cleaner food makes you feel and it WILL feel good!)

Current Thought: I'm too tired to work out. (What you focus on grows so if you keep thinking of how tired/unmotivated you are, you will start to feel even more lazy.)

Think this instead: I want to go work out to get my endorphins and energy levels up. (Your feelings of being lethargic will pass if you focus on the good vibes.)


The Law of Attraction can work for every aspect in your life. Whether it be relationships, business or your own self development. It isn't a special trick that only certain people can take advantage of. It is universal and anyone can use it to their benefit.  Be whoever you want to be. Achieve whatever it is you want to have. Create the life you have always dreamed of. I mean that, literally. Because that is the power of our minds. What we believe, we can achieve. 



Believe & you will achieve